Quick Facts

Alma Mater:

The University of Alabama


Bachelors in Science


There are a number of agencies in Birmingham. Why do you work at Modern Brand?

I appreciate TMB’s focus on nonprofits and small businesses. Nonprofits and small businesses employ passionate individuals who want to either master their craft or contribute to a larger cause. I like working everyday to the best of my ability knowing my efforts extended beyond TMB to reach others in a real way. Modern Brand’s overall culture, talented team, and wide range of clients are truly one of a kind. In the marketing, communications, and advertising industry, I could not imagine working anywhere else!

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a tie between a wolf and Gordon Ramsay. I place importance on strong relationships and always being apart of the team. I often make tough decisions based on intuition and instinct. I am all about loyalty and communication. When it comes to Gordon Ramsay, we are pretty much kindred spirits.

What’s your favorite drink and why?

I love Orangina. On my first trip abroad as a kid, it was something I had never tasted before. I thought it was packaged in the coolest shaped bottle. Sadly, my excitement was short lived. When I returned to the states, it was definitely available in stores and not at all unique to Europe.

What’s your favorite part of working at Modern Brand?

My favorite part of working at Modern Brand is the inclusive work environment. At Modern Brand, there is an open office environment that allows creative collaboration and equal input from each employee. Every employee’s opinion is valued and respected. Any large decision that directly impacts a project is made as a team. We are all kept in “the loop” with constant communication.

What’s been your favorite project here and why?

I have enjoyed every project at Modern Brand. Each client is unique and serves a particular need or audience. Every project offers a new challenge and a chance to deliver excellent results. Seeing the project transform from the strategic planning phase to execution never gets old!