Quick Facts

Alma Mater:

Birmingham-Southern College


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography

Dog Mom To:



There are a number of ad agencies in Birmingham. Why do you work at Modern Brand?

I work here because of the work that we get to do with our non-profit clients. It feels good to create a brand for a group that gives back to our community. I also love the work environment. When I was interviewing, it seemed welcoming and collaborative, which I love.

What’s your spirit animal?

Mine would be a fox. Foxes are solitary, yet playful at the same time – which I interpret as introverted with extrovert tendencies, which describes me to a t. Also, Ron Swanson.

What is your favorite beverage and why?

I’ve been obsessed with ICE lately. It’s flavored sparkling water, but doesn’t lack taste like other big brands we know *wink, wink*. I also love a gin and soda with lime. It’s crisp, refreshing, and delicious.

What’s your favorite part about working at Modern Brand?

My favorite part would definitely have to be my coworkers. While things can be hectic at times, we always find a way to solve the problems and create successful work. I love the collaborative nature of our office. I also love talking about our dogs, favorite movies, and anything else under the sun when we’re relaxing. ItĀ feels like a second family.

What’s been your favorite project and why?

My favorite project so far has been with Create Birmingham. We launched their new website last year and I got to be there for every part of the process. It was a lot of fun to see something that we put so much time and effort into come to fruition.