Quick Facts

Alma Mater:

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Dog Mom To:


There are a number of agencies in Birmingham. Why do you work here?

I love the fun, easy going environment at TMB. Everyone is so welcoming & friendly and that makes me more motivated to do better and meaningful work.

What’s your spirit animal?

The Buzzfeed quiz says I’m a dolphin, but I think I’m a cat. I feel like cats just lounge around all day and get fed and that’s one of my life goals.

What’s your favorite beverage and why?

The frozen Pomegranate Margarita at Cocina Superior because margaritas are always a good time! Besides that, I love iced tea. It reminds me of summer trips to Vietnam because that’s all I’d ever drink there.

What’s your favorite part about working at Modern Brand?

Getting to bring my dog to work with me and playing with everyone else’s dogs!

What’s been your favorite project and why?

I love all of the branding projects! I like brainstorming with everyone on names and then seeing the brand grow and come to life.