Quick Facts

Alma Mater:

Jacksonville State University


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design


There are a number of agencies in Birmingham. Why do you work here?

I really enjoy the flexibility and easygoingness of working with such a small company. We get to work more as a team rather than only doing what our job title says. Also, the people are pretty cool too.

What’s your spirit animal?

I’m a sloth. I’m as cool as a cucumber, and I love to go with the flow. My favorite activities include eating, sleeping and eating again. My rap name is Sir Naps-a-lot. This is all according to Buzzfeed, but it’s not wrong.

What’s your favorite beverage and why?

I really like water; but not just any water. It has to be purified or filtered. Yes, I can taste the difference. I really don’t like spring water.

What’s your favorite part about working at Modern Brand?

My favorite part about working here is the encouragement I get from my coworkers. No matter the project or goofy antics that we are getting involved in, someone is always cheering for you.

What’s been your favorite project and why?

I got to design a custom bicycle for a client. It had its challenges but overall was one of the most unique and coolest things that I have gotten to design.